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Lessons take place in small groups only

Lesson Structure

The lessons in our language school take place exclusively in small groups, so that all students have the opportunity to actively participate in class. We attach great importance to our clients being able to use their newly acquired language skills with self-confidence in everyday situations. It is therefore important for us not to focus the lessons primarily on imparting grammatical knowledge, but rather to put the application of language in the foreground. We know from experience that this approach significantly facilitates the understanding of grammatical structures and the ability to speak - and enables rapid progress.

We also recommend our customers to confirm their progress by completing an internationally recognized exam at our language school. The acquisition of a certificate is not only an award that represents a significant entry in the CV, but also increases, in an impressive way, the motivation and ambition to learn a language.  


German courses can be completed with a variety of exams and zertificates.   

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